Day 15 - Ullapool

Actually it is a little outside of Ullapool, 15 Km south-east towards Inverness.

In the morning I had a good coffee with the cleaning lady and her mother in the B&B. Had Indian :-) lunch, good for a change, and afterwards went to the ferry to check in. Smooth ride. And seeing Ullapool and the scenery did good. As Lewis, nor Stornoway are rather spectacular, this part of the mainland is, and Ullapool itself is a very nice town. Was 2 years ago also 2 days near Ullapool and traveled to the Summer Isles, seeing many seals.

Almost in Ullapool.

Docking, the tall ship is from Bergen, Norway.

I arrived at the Braemore Square Country House and got a warm welcome from Wendy. It is a great house and my room is very nice and comfortable.

"Midge Alert" though, as she directly mentioned … outside I saw some, they did not get me yet :-).

When I arrived Wendy was baking her own bread, so will have to taste that tomorrow. Had to tick what I want for breakfast tomorrow, I chose the Braemore Special, scrambled eggs and local smoked salmon.

Went back to Ullapool for dinner and had to share a table with some others, as it was very busy at the Seaforth Seafood Bar. I joined a German couple, much younger, first time pregnant, very enjoyable, great conversation and no not about football :-).

I am back at the B&B now, after taking some nice pictures of Ullapool

got me a nice beer offered by Ed and writing my almost last Scottish entry.

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